Kombinerad DX- och luftkylare, effekter från 6 till 100 kW

The air conditioners belonging to the DXA/DC series direct expansion air condensation, have been specifically designed and manufactured for close control air conditioning where the handling of almost exclusively sensible heat loads is a fundamental requirement and where is not present a central chilled water plant. 

The typical applications are high-performance computer rooms, internet data center, digital telephone exchanges, switch rooms, weather stations, medical laboratories, archives, museums as well as any other application both of small or large dimension, where the sensible heat load must be dissipated and is possible also regulate ambient humidity (optional).

The sizing of EC fans, Electonically Commutated the latest “Plug-In” and the exchange surfaces, allows the containment of emissions noise and electronic. The units are designed to present the smallest footprint possible, reducing the cost of the occupied floor space, and full frontal access for easy inspection and service.

DXA/DC units are equipped with a dual air cooling system. In standard running, the air cooling is provided by a refrigerated water finned coil; in the case of lacking of refrigerated water, the controller provides for the automatic start of the on board compressor. The heat of the technical room is dissipated through a remote finned coil condenser or through a plate heat exchanger. DXA/DC units, being equipped with a dual air cooling system, assure higher safety of continuous running.

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