Kombinerad DX- och vätskekylare, effekter från 6 till 98 kW

The air conditioners belonging to the DXW/FR series direct expansion air condensation, have been specifically designed and manufactured for close control air conditioning where the handling of almost exclusively sensible heat loads is a fundamental requirement and where is not present a central chilled water plant. 

The sizing of EC fans, Electonically Commutated the latest “Plug-In” and the exchange surfaces, allows the containment of emissions noise and electronic. The units are designed to present the smallest footprint possible, reducing the cost of the occupied floor space, and full frontal access for easy inspection and service.

These units take advantage of the possibility of heat rejection directly to the outside environment, when the external air temperature is lower than the temperature of the technical room. The higher this temperature difference, the higher the convenience for energy saving. The controller allows an optimal running of the system, as a function of the inside set temperature and the external air temperature. Besides the direct expansion finned coil, these units are equipped of a finned coil, fed by a water-glycol mixture. During summer, a 3-way valve bypasses the water finned coil and the heat rejection is provided by the direct expansion finned coil. As soon as the climate conditions allow it, the 3-way valve opens the passage to the finned coil of the water-glycol mixture, that is cooled down by outside dry-coolers.

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