Bergvärmepump vatten/vatten värmekapacitet från 50 till 660 kW

WHA heat pumps are particularly suitable for applications that utilise ground source probes.These units have been de-signed for use with radiant floorheating systems or those ap-plications where it is necessary to have maximum efficiencywhen heating. They have been optimized on heating mode and are able to produce water up to 60°C.WHA heat pumps are available in several versions.

The most simple is a 2 pipe unit that can provide heating only. By fittingan external 3 port valve the unit can provide either heating or domestic hot water. There is also a 4 pipe unit that produces domestic hot water in a separate hydraulic circuit and can generate this irrespective of whether the unit is in heating or cooling mode.

All the WHA units are also available in Free Cooling (FC) versions which provide low energy cooling by simply using the cool water that is available from either the ground source probes or the well water.Differing versions and a wide range of accessories, enable the optimal solution to be selected.



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