FG Nordic Aquariusplus2

The Aquarius Plus 2 water cooled screw chillers are the best solution for commercial and industrial applications when requirements are reliability and performances. They are designed to meet market requirements in terms of versatility and energy efficiency. Stepless cooling capacity regulation, electronic expansion valves and high efficiency heat exchangers with integrated heat recovery systems, contributes to obtain high performance both at full load and at partial load with exceptional ESEER value.

FG Nordic Aquarius Plus2

Screw compressors

New partialization management

Respect of Environment Electronic expansion valve
Aquarius Plus 2 are equipped
with high effi ciency screw compressors designed and optimized for R134a refrigerant gas. The stepless cooling capacity regulation ensures the delivery
of the exact power according to
the real needs of the system, obtaining the maximum energy efficiency in all operating conditions.
Thanks to the new partialization management it is possible to
obtain an high precision and adaptability in the cooling capacity regulation. The control dynamically manages the speed of the partialization based on the thermal load of the system
High energy effi ciency of the units Aquarius Plus 2 coupled with R134a non-ozone depleting refrigerants, reduce the environment impact minimizing
the energy waste. Recyclable and high quality materials ensure the respect of environment and reduces carbon footprint..
The electronic expansion valve allows an improvement of performanceand an operating range wider than thermostatic expansion valves. The continuous calibrations system represents the best solution for all applications characterized by several thermal load changes.
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 Koldmedia  Ventil MTA



• 20 base models that perfectly match each specific system
• High energy effi ciency both at full load and at partial load
  (Eurovent A Class);
• Stepless cooling capacity regulation with self-adaptive control;
• High precision and adaptability in cooling capacity regulation;
• Compressors minimum partialization step 25%.
• Heat exchangers with low water side pressure drops in order
  to save pumping costs;
• Low sound levels, thanks also to the availability of two
  different acoustic versions;
• Easy access to all components;
• Fully bundled heat recovery solutions;
• Condenser outlet water temperature up to 60 °C.

• Environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a with zero ozone  
   depletion potential.
• High effi ciency screw compressors with stepless regulation
  optimized for R134a refrigerant gas.
• Automatic circuit breakers for compressors.
• Compressor crankcase heaters.
• Check valve and shut-off valve on discharge line.
• Electronic expansion valves.
• Single pass shell & tubes heat exchangers optimized for R134a
  refrigerant gas.
• Electrical panel with numbered wires, forced ventilation and   
  IP54 protection class;
• Phase monitor which provides protection against phase loss
  and phase reversal;
• Microprocessor electronic control xDRIVE with high computing
  capacity and user friendly interface, suitable for connection
  with supervisor system;
• RS485 interface for connection to ModBus supervisor systems;
• Ethernet connection featuring pre-programmed HTML
  supervision pages, allowing local or internet based
  visualization and modifi cation of the operating parameters.

• Partial or total heat recovery;
• Compressors acoustical enclosure (super silent acoustic
• Shut-off valves on suction line;
• Soft starter device available as factory fi tted option allows a
  reduction in start-up current;
• Capacitors for compressors;
• Condensing control kit (with servo-driven modulating valves  
  or pressure control valves);
• Flanges kit on evaporator;
• Flanges kit or Victaulic kit on condenser and total heat
• Anti-vibration dampers kit;
• Remote control with LCD display VGIP;
• xWEB300D supervisor kit;
• Cooling tower or dry cooler available on request;
• Remote condenser available on request for condenserless

• CH - Cooling only version;
• HP - Heat pump with hydraulic system reversing and outlet water
  temperature up to 60 °C;
• ME - Condenserless version;
• LWT - Low Water Temperature (down to -8 °C);

• Basic acoustic confi guration: compressors directly accessible;
• Super silent acoustic confi guration: this confi guration is
  optimised for very low noise operation: compressors are
  housed in a metal compartment insulated with a sound
  absorbing layer of open-cell expanded
  polyurethane and a sheet of sound deadening material (noise
  reduction -6 db(A) in comparison with basic).

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